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We at battery the battery specialist offer an exclusive patented product which is an alternative for replacing your dead or dying battery. With the economic crisis we are in, every dollar counts! Batteries cost $150.00 and up so why not save by having your battery treated, saving you up to 80 to 90 % compared to buying a new one with a warranty. Our products are eco-friendly, so help us contribute to the environment by going green.

We offer a safe, dependable and affordable solution in these hard times when your battery is losing performance power. We provide peace of mind to you with a warranty when you are operating your car, boat or heavy equipment.

Our goal at the battery specialist is to treat your dead or dying battery with our patent chemical that will extend the life of your battery at the fraction of the cost of purchasing a new one.

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PO Box 30661

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Phone: 345 939-5604

Phone: 345-326-2918

Office: 345 949-AUTO (2886)


- battery installation & removal

- starting/charging system diagnosis

- vehicle license

- tyre repairs

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battery installation & removal | starting/charging system diagnosis | vehicle license | tyre repairs
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Why Batteries Die Prematurely


Sulfation is a natural occurrence in all lead/acid batteries and is the number one cause of early battery failure.

Sulfation occurs when the sulfur in the sulfuric acid forms sulfur crystals that attach to the lead plates, and acts like "insulation" keeping the battery from accepting a charge. There is no question that sulfation is the most destructive process determining the life of lead-acid batteries.

Industry studies show that as many as eight out of ten batteries are prematurely discarded as "dead" due to excessive sulfation.

Battery Specialist technology safely reverses the process, cleaning the battery plates of lead sulphate build-up and returning the battery to near-new condition.

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